Why Spend With Us?

We are a small family business run by my husband and I with our 3 small children on a small property just outside Port Macquarie. We take pride in designing and creating quality handmade products for our customers. We are both creative people and it has been a long time dream of ours to own our own business and share our creations with others. The homestead came about when our mobile timber milling business (Stagwood Timber) came to a stand still due to an injury. The homestead shop was suppose to be a mid term goal of ours and wasn’t on our mind to get up and running so quickly but we were thrown into fast forward when we needed a new direction and a new plan while we sorted the milling side out. The slow down on the milling however, gave us the opportunity to spend more time getting creative, working with timber and using new mediums to create candles and earrings. It allowed us time to work with our bees, which had in the past been more of a hobby. With more time to work our bees we have been given the chance to extend our apiaries opening up a surplus of opportunities with bee products such as beeswax and honey. Keep an eye on our page as we continue to experiment and develop new products for you to enjoy.

We thank you for supporting our small business and hope you enjoy our handmade products.

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