Why Spend With Us?


Hi, I’m Simone and the owner of Steve’s Clandestine Spyce Co.


It’s funny how your perceptions of ‘normal’ life can change within seconds.

That’s what happened to us when our 5-year-old, autistic son was diagnosed with cancer.

Unfortunately, rational thoughts don’t often prevail in these types of situations and we were no different.

While we understand now that his diagnosis was unavoidable, at the time we couldn’t help but question if this was our fault. We wondered if there was something we were, unknowingly, doing as parents that contributed to our son’s serious health problems.

The first place we looked was our food, especially the herb & spice blends as we used them in most of our cooking. We asked ourselves if the supermarket varieties we were consuming was really the best for our bodies.

The best news, is that our son has been in remission since 2014, and that this raincloud has a silver lining.

Once we moved away from processed and unnatural foods, we saw a significant improvement in the overall health of our family.

We wanted nothing more than to share with others the seasoning blends I had been creating for our family, so Steve’s Clandestine Spyce was born.

Our products are produced in a commercial kitchen and utilize old, family, clandestine (secret) recipes.

Everything is heat sealed for safety as well as to lock in those incredibly rich flavours.

Our herbs and spices are sourced from local and Australian growers as much as we possibly can. Our goal is to eventually have all our products made using 100% Aussie ingredients.

Browse through our blends and rest assured that you’re buying the safest, tastiest, and best Aussie sourced ingredients on the market.

~ Simone

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