Why Spend With Us?

Hi, I’m Simone

In 2014 our 5-year-old Autistic son was diagnosed with cancer, Ganglio Neuroblastoma.  As parents, Stephen & I then embarked on a mission to make our family’s diet healthier.  We started clearing our cupboards of anything that had preservatives or additives in them. Spice Mixes were a big part of our cooking and I threw out all the store brought ones as they had fillers, anti-caking agents in them – and a lot of other things in them that I didn’t like the look of as I read the ingredient list on each package.
It was then I dedicated myself into making my own herb & spice blends for our family – not only did I love it but I also feel as though it saved me from myself and gave me a diversion from what was happening in our lives.
The tumor was removed and our son has now been in remission for 6 years.
In 2015 I decided I wanted to share my creations with others, I got my food licence and started attending local markets where I lived at the time.
It amazes me that from a horrible life-changing experience I found my passion.

My goal has always been to create herb and spice blends using Australian grown ingredients – and it’s a work in progress!
I either grow or source directly from Australian growers our ingredients. With the help of my family, we peel, grate, slice, and dehydrate garlic, turmeric, beetroot, ginger – whatever ingredient we need.  We are so lucky to be located in the Fraser Coast QLD where we are surrounded by farms which means we can source from them and others around the country.
I first joined Buy from a Bush Business in early 2020 and felt that the support everyone was giving to other Aussie businesses was amazing. I love the principle of supporting each other and buying from local businesses.  In the past few years since starting my own businesses, I’ve realized how important it is to support the small family business rather than the big multi-million dollar companies. When I found Buy from a Bush Business online and saw what a fantastic job they were doing in supporting Aussie businesses I wanted to be apart of the community. Joining Spend With Us is a natural step in being able to support each other and finding all the businesses in a singular spot online makes it so much more easier.

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