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Sunsets and Flowers Photography

Why Spend With Us?

My husband, our three kids and I live on a beautiful 320 acres in the Hastings Hinterland area.  We’ve been here since 2013 and are loving bringing our kids up in this wonderful rural community.  The beautiful Pappinbarra River flows through our property and we feel incredibly blessed to live where we do.

It hasn’t been easy for the last few years though – in 2017 a bushfire went through our property, causing damage to our gardens, fences, tanks and cattle yards.  We were fortunate not to lose our house and sheds, as others nearby did.  The RFS did an amazing job!  In 2018 and 2019 drought hit us, and our river nearly dried up, we commenced hand feeding our cattle, but we couldn’t keep it up.  We sold two-thirds of our breeding cattle at the beginning of November 2019, and a week later our property was under threat from fire again.  We fought the fire on our property for 10 days, keeping it away from the majority of our pastures.  Unfortunately, we lost another set of fencing and had to rebuild again. 

We really started to think someone had it in for us when in March of 2021 we had the highest recorded flood in history go through our farm, inundating our sheds with water and losing yet MORE fences!  Gawd, it’s lucky we love this place, since it feels like it keeps trying to keep us down. 

With all these emergency situations and having to rebuild fencing and infrastructure so many times, we are constantly looking for ways to diversify and find more ways to bring income to our farm.  A couple of years ago, my wonderful husband bought me a camera, and this has been my sanity saver, and now I’m trying to use it to support what we do.

As you can imagine, it’s been quite the journey of recovery over the last few years, and for me a journey of exploration into my mental health. There have been many ups and downs and the one thing I have really noticed is that when I escape into nature, I calm my mind and my heart and I feel better. This is what taking photos of sunsets and flowers does for me. It grounds me. 

I’m still mastering the sunset photography, while I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on capturing flowers.  I hope you enjoy the flower photography and the art that is in these images.  My heart and soul goes into them, I love spending time in nature, walking around the garden, spotting the little details… One day I’ll get brave enough to publish some sunsets. 

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