Why Spend With Us?

We own a restaurant in Bright, and since the evacuations on the 3rd of January, we’ve been unable to reopen.

We lost over $20,000 in stock from our cold room, and only received a small insurance payout. We opened 8 months prior, and being our first year open, we were totally depending on the busiest tourist season of the year. Approximately 30,000 tourists left town when we did, and understandable, didn’t come back. Our dream has turned into a nightmare.

Rather than giving up and declaring bankruptcy, we setup an online shop selling our BBQ sauce when we returned to Bright, and shared it on Facebook with family and friends. Just to try and make so,e kind of income while we worked out what we would do. 4000 bottles later we have now had the ability to pay all our suppliers off and pay our bills as we make and ship our sauce.

Our yummy Memphis Style BBQ sauce is all we have for an income until our restaurant opens again (hopefully at the end of March).

Thank you fo supporting us, and who would have thought a little bottle of sauce could save us!

CHRISTMAS DELIVERY 2020: Ordering Christmas gifts? Christmas is always a busy time of year for Australia Post but with Covid in the mix and most of us likely to be sending presents instead of delivering them in person, please make sure you place your order in time to meet Australia Post cut off dates:
Regular Post cut-off date Saturday 12 December 2020.
Express Post cut-off date Saturday 19 December 2020.
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