Why Spend With Us?

The Clean Living Clinic is located in the Scenic Rim and was developed to provide DIY chemical free lifestyle education, support, options & solutions on your personal journey.
My husband and I moved to the Scenic Rim in 2005 for a more rural lifestyle.  Our 4 acre property, surrounded by gorgeous dairy farms has no access to town water or sewerage and we quickly realised the impact our new lives would have.  With health conditions, a growing family, and the need for a more sustainable lifestyle I started my chemical free DIY journey over 9 years ago and after tackling all the obstacles thrown my way including how hard it was to find ingredients that were affordable & accessible I decided to share with YOU how to do DIY the easy, quick, efficient way.
The recent local bush fires, drought and virus has had a huge impact on our town.  With customers losing their homes & livelihoods.  The Clean Living Clinic has been able to provide a community for people to support each other, local business’s and create a more sustainable lifestyle for themselves and their families.
The Clean Living Clinic offers DIY Workshops, support network, DIY kits and recipes and an online store to empower you to live a non-toxic, back to basic, simplicity lifestyle
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