Why Spend With Us?

Thank you for visiting my store.  I’m the daughter of a dressmaker and I’ve been designing and sewing for many years, from wedding gowns to children’s clothing. My on-going love of making doll’s clothes prompted me to create my store. There is something magical about stitching all those iddy biddy bits of fabric together to make dolls clothes for little people to enjoy.  I live in the remote outback of the Northern Territory, where our community has faced numerous challenges of drought and fire.  The drought conditions have taken a toll on many cattle stations surrounding us.  We were very fortunate last year when our courageous local fire fighters stopped a large fire at our boundary fence.  Our tiny village was totally isolated during the early months of COVID-19, cut off from everything, including shopping.  It was tough, but with the resilience and the support of our wonderful community and our enduring friendships, we are helping each other come through these challenging times.

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