Why Spend With Us?

We are an independent family business based in the Sunshine Coast Region of Australia.  After breeding heritage chickens for several years, we decided to embark on a business to supply quality-tested systems for raising backyard chickens.

Our first waterer (and product) was designed by my husband out of necessity for our chooks, sourcing the buckets from a local Queensland manufacturer – who is still our supplier.

Our mission is to provide quality service and quality Australian products. We now supply a full range of equipment, quality feeds, and treats for your poultry, in keeping with our ethos of using Australian, sustainable products wherever possible.

The Good Life Backyard is made possible with the help of all our family and our four children – right down to my five-year-old son.  We often think of ourselves as the ‘crazy chook’ family, it is a nickname we are proud of and one that has stuck!

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