Why Spend With Us?

The Mogo Lolly Shop lost all of its stock during the New Years Eve bushfires that came through the Mogo Village. We were closed until the 15th February 2020. We had only been back open for one month when I decided that the corona virus was just too risky due to suffering from Lupus. In August 2019 I had opened our retail website but that had to be closed after the bushfires as we had dumped all of our stock. Just prior to reopening the doors of my beautiful Lolly shop I reopened the website. We support Australian Made Confectionery Makers.

We will get through this. Of that I am sure. The store is sanitised and closed to the public. I believe that by operating online only I am keeping you and myself safe from this virus, while still offering you a sweet treat to enjoy while we are safely staying indoors.

Thankyou for supporting my small business. Be Safe, Be Happy, Stay Well. Theresa ~ The Mogo Lolly Shop – Where Memories Are Made

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