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The Good Stand

Why Spend With Us?

This journey began a little differently than it looks now. Before, we were called Untame Collective – we were passionate about creating beautiful, eco friendly, low tox displays for all of your essential oil needs.

But now? Now we are aiming for so much more.

We have decided to change our name to align with our overall vision. We have a passion to inspire and influence change in our day-to-day and genuinely make a difference in the lives of others. Its time to make a #goodstand

Each and every purchase supports a number of great causes.

*Sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Sustainably sourced materials, full compostable packaging, carbon neutral shipping, recycle, reuse, repurpose, compost practices, solar power, low energy setup.

*Low tox life doesnt have to be expensive @theholisticpennypincher for best money savy hacks. Competitively priced low tox swaps specifically to help you ditch the chemicals

*Make change to pull people out of slavery. We donate a portion of every sale to stop human trafficking through the works of A21. $150Bn industry, enslaving men, women and children. More people now enslaved than ever before in history. This desprately needs change! With your help we can abolish slavery world wide!

*Support small Australian business and family. Shop small, support local

We still create our full and ever expanding range of eco friendly, low tox displays.

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