Why Spend With Us?

Hi to you all @Spend With Us!

My name’s Angie, and I head up the team at The Wobbly House Soap Co. joined by my husband and two daughters who pitch in as needed. In late 2014 I created my first soap and has expanded since. Seven years later and my goal remains – to create great quality products that can be enjoyed by everyone. This has been somewhat dampened with COVID as markets have not been possible so I am reliant on online sales to help support my family.  

My product range has grown over time from soaps to bath-bombs, shower steamers, wax melts and other delicious-smelling skin treats. These are all created by myself right here in Griffith. If I were to describe what I make, I would say it is playful and a little bit unique. My late Mum was an artist and I have inherited that trait from her. I also aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible and am committed to using recyclable, or biodegradable/compostable packaging wherever possible. 
Recently I have been making shower steamers which have been incredibly popular and thought this would be a good start to list these, with different products to follow. 

Thanks to all of my customers who have been with me from the start and along the way, and hope you enjoy my store. 

Hi there, to my wonderful customers we are closing shop for a bit as we are moving to a new location. All existing orders are being made and we won't be taking any new orders until some time in the New Year. Thank you for all of your support xxx
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