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Based on the beautiful Fraser Coast of QLD 
Printing all of your gifts on demand in our small studio.

Do you remember standing in a Gift Shop looking at
all of the stationary and gifts and none of them said your name?
I was one of those kids, Most of my friends had common
spellings and had all of this cool stuff with their name on it,
I envied them. My grandparents took me and my cousin
(Also not a common name)
to England for a holiday in my early teens.
Both of our names were on their common list!
We bought everything we could with our names on it no
matter how much it cost we made it OURS!
Now my daughter is a teenager I am noticing the same thing
with her friends, They will never know the thrill of walking
into a gift shop and seeing that Pen with their name on it either.
So to the kids who’s parents gave them hard to spell names,
This one’s for YOU! You get me excited to create for.
You deserve things with your name on it
no matter how old you are!

Based on the beautiful Fraser Coast of QLD 

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