Why Spend With Us?

Here at West of the Waves we are all about “slow fashion” – quality pieces that will last for years to come.  

The name “West of the Waves” is a way of describing two of my greatest loves.  I am a cowgirl but I absolutely love to surf.  Our family cattle station is located in Central Queensland and is quite literally West of the Waves – so it stuck. 

From the Ocean to the Outback we offer a range of beach inspired jewellery and stylish linen clothing. Our West of the Waves in house linen brand is 100% designed and made in Australia.

The West of the Waves style is all about feeling glamorous after a hard day’s work.  Feeling like you are on holidays even if only for a few hours to refresh yourself before the next challenge. 

There is not much a gorgeous outfit, stunning pearl jewellery & a glass of champers can’t fix.  

Sarah xxxx

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