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Why Spend With Us?


White Mango’s Personalised Letters from Santa’s office is hidden away in the regional town of Hamilton at the southern end of Victoria’s famous The Grampians.

The White Mango have been creating Personalised Letters & Packages from Santa since 2007 – our letters have been sent around the globe! 

There are some truly lovely businesses out there writing letters from Santa, I see them and I admire them … some of them have even copied us and that’s ok because Santa knows that he cannot possibly write to every child in the world!

What makes White Mango’s Personalised Letters from Santa different?

We are different and we are proud of that. This is our 15th Christmas and we are still writing for families who have returned year after year because a ‘White Mango’s letter from Santa is a tradition’.

It’s the little things that make White Mango’s Personalised Letters from Santa different:

-> Each year we have our postmark stamp created. Our own design and a new one every year. It adds to the authenticity of the North Pole letter!

->  Santa’s real wax seal is stamped onto every letter and pressed with a genuine brass stamp. We use a flexible wax so that the seal can be removed from the envelope and saved as a precious trinket (as we know children like to do!).

->  Every single one of or letters is written from scratch with NO templates or prepared text or paragraphs. Writing them this way does takes more time and it’s worth it. Our letters stand out from any others because every one of our letters is absolutely individual … as individual as your child!

->  We write letters for children of all ages, including children who are beginning to doubt Santa’s very existence (oh, the horror!), children who know the truth, the grownup kids (who will always be our kids!), and adults who need some Christmas Cheer, thanks and appreciation, or just a jolly old laugh! We’ve got all bases covered in the letter from Santa department!

Others may try and copy us, but you will absolutely not find any letters from Santa anywhere in the world that are more personalised, unique and INDIVIDUALLY written.


  • If you are ordering for more than one child we ask that you PLEASE order a multiple quantity in this way so Santa can ensure that each of your Packages is as unique as possible.
  • After you place your order we will send you an order form and an invoice. Please allow 12 – 18 hours for this to come through – you then complete the details on the order form and all will be underway!


  • No more personalised letter orders for 2021.


  • Santa will not allow his helpers to start on any Packages until cleared payment has been received by Santa’s Central Finance Office.

Note again: Our FIRST mailout is December 1 (we can get organised for Christmas early but it really shouldn’t start until December!). We will update your order with the tracking number the day that your parcel is mailed.

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