Why Spend With Us?

For those who became a mum in 2020, the timing wasn’t ideal, and many families struggled when they couldn’t be there to support their loved ones. Whilst Covid-19  ripped around the world without mercy. At this time my business was online only and I was unable to continue my other job, so times were hard financially but I am now definitely grateful for this business of mine and the opportunity I have had to grow this.

Many grandparents missed out on welcoming their grandchildren into the world in person. And even over a year later, some have still not had the opportunity to meet their new additions. Parents have been unable to access crucial support from their families, and the walls of houses have become smaller and smaller.

As a mum myself, I understand how difficult this must be. And through With Love Baby Gifts, I’m honoured to help people send new baby gifts to loved ones around the country with a complimentary, heartfelt message of love and support.

I now have a small storefront in a little town called Shearwater as well as our website where we focus on Australian handmade and designed products.

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