Why Spend With Us?


Simone here, a Fiber Artisan, living in beautiful Sun Country, Mulwala, on the banks of the might Murray River and Lake Mulwala. Waving a little stick around & tossing yarn over it, is my little side hustle, for down time, unwind and relax.

With years of experience, knowledge and extremely advanced skills in this very old art, which is sometimes referred to as the forgotten art, we call crochet. I work with only the most luxurious natural fibers available. Fibers including Wool, Alpaca, Mohair, Silk, Milk fiber, Bamboo and Cotton.

Every handmade piece is skillfully handcrafted. The craftsmanship that goes into each piece will result in a truly unique piece of art. No two items are exactly the same. Specialising in family heirloom throws, beanies, scarves.

I have had many commission for blankets, find their way to New Zealand & America and of course as gifts for a special occasions.

Blankets make a truly beautiful keepsake or family heirloom? A unique gift for a special occasion or person and of course unique one off soft furnishing piece. Such as a lovely cosy blanket to curl into during a cold winters night or even to keep the chill at bay.


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